Cage Change Staion(CCS)

This workbench is a cage replacement workbench that protects workers and animals from pollutants.

The height of the worktable can be adjusted from 800~900mm.

Top Filter Cover Detail View

Middle Station Detail View

Air flow inside the workspace creates laminar flow, preventing contaminants from spilling into the feedlot space.

Bottom filter structure detail view

A pre-filter is installed at the bottom of the workbench, and a carbon filter for odor removal can be installed according to the user's needs.

Dimention1200(W) X 780(D) X 1900(H)
Working Area Dimention1100(W) X 650(D) X 700(H)
MaterialSUS-304 Inside Panel
Downward LAF velocity0.25mps < Vm < 0.50mps
Noise LebelN < 650dBA
LightingL < 650Lux
DustHEPA(0.3μm, 99.97%), Carbon Filter
Display PanelTouch Screen
LiftHigh/Low 150L
Power220V, 60Hz, 300W